Wheel chair


Definition (Wheel chair):  A wheel chair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits. The   device is propelled either manually (By turning the wheels by the hand) or via various automated system.

Parts of wheel chair:

  1. The seat.
  2. The footrest.
  3. The backrest.
  4. Armrest.
  5. Waist strap.
  6. Heel strap.
  7. Toe strap.
  8. Cloth guard.
  9. Breaks.
  10. Small front wheel
  11. Large back wheel.
  12. Wheel rim.
  13. Handle.
  1. Tipping lever


Wheel chairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury or disability. E.g

  1. Paraplegia.
  2. Hemiplegia.
  3. Quadriplegia.
  4. Diplegia.
  5. Cerebral palsy.
  6. Spinal cord injury.
  7. Muscular dystrophy.
  8. Amputation.
  9. Peripheral nerve injury of lower limb.
  10. Fracture of lower limb.
  11. Soft tissue injury of lower limb.
  12. Extreme age.
  1. Severely ill.

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