Tetracycline:Tetracyclines are group of antibiotics,natural,semi-synthetic or synthetic in origin,having similar structure & mode of action.

Members of tetracycline:
1) Tetracycline.
2) Chlortetracycline.
3) Oxytetracycline.
4) Doxycycline.
5) Minocycline.
They are called so,because they contan 4 cyclohexane/6 membered rings fused together.

1) Cholera.
2) UTI.
3) STD.
4) Plague.
5) Brucellosis.
6) Acne.
7) Relapsing fever(Rickettsial fever).
8) Gastric & duodenal ulcers caused by H.pylori.

Adverse effects:
1) Gastrointestinal adverse effects:Nasuea,vomiting,diarrhoea,heart,burn etc.
2) Superinfection.
3) Bone structure & teeth.
4) Fingernalis.
5) Liver damage.
6) Local tissue toxicity.
7) Photo-sensitization & rash.
8) Vestibular reaction:Diazziness,vertigo.
9) Raised blood urea level:Anti-anabolic effect.
10) Benign intra-cranial HTN.

1) Pregnacy:Chance of liver damage of mother due to fat deposition.
2) Lactating mother:growth retardation of child,chance of dental caries.
3) Not below 8 yrs:Chance of dental caries.
4) Renal failure.

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