Syllabus (Anatomy-I)


Total Lecture: 200 Hr s

Exam time: 3 Hrs.

Total marks:200

Written: 100

Oral / Practical: 50

Sessional: 50

Musculo Skeletal System:

  1. Basic Histology: Cell, tissues of the body (epithelium, connective tissue), cartilage, bone, muscle, etc.

2. Myology:

(Origin, insertion, Innervation & Action of Muscles)

    1. The fascia and muscles of head, neck and face.
    2. The fascia and muscles of trunk, back & Abdomen.
    3. The fascia and muscles of upper limb.
    4. The fascia and muscles of lower limb.

Muscles of eye.

Osteology & Arthrology:

  1. General structure and forms of all bones of skeleton and their attachments.
  2. Classification of joints.
  3. Movements of Joints.
  4. Factors permitting and limiting movements of Joints.
  5. Joints of Head & Neck and Temporo- mandibular Joints.
  6. Joints of Trunk.
  7. Joints of Upper Limb.
  8. Joints of Lower Limb.
  9. Shoulder girdle.
  10. Pelvic girdle.
  11. Structure and component of every joint.

Radiological Anatomy:

Radiographic appearance of Musculo skeletal system of Upper Limb, Lower limb, Skull & Spine.

Anatomy Practical:

  1. Surface Anatomy: To study, identify and mark the surface land marks on human body.
  2. To study the muscles of trunk, back, abdomen, lower and upper extremities and face on a dissected human body.
  3. To study the bones of human body with special emphasis on origin and insertion, nerve supply and function of muscles & ligaments.
  4. To study the anatomy of joints of upper and lower extremities and vertebral column on a dissected human body.

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