Syllabus ( Teaching Methodology)


Total Lecture: 50 Hrs

Exam time:                                                                                             Total marks: 100

Presentation: 15 minutes   


Sessional: 50 

Viva: 5 minutes (after Presentation) 

  1. Teaching & learning
  2. The qualities of a good teacher and the qualities of a good learner.
  3. The principles of adult education.
  4. The stages (levels) of learning.
  5. Domains/values of learning.
  6. Theories of learning. Identify individual learning style.
  7. Lesson Planning, aims, objectives and learning outcomes.
  8. Effective communication and teaching individuals to problem solve.
  9. Teaching aids, utilising existing resources in teaching situations with limited resources.
  10. Teaching methods, lectures, small group work – buzz groups/ snowballing, tutorials, practical demonstrations, problem based learning, role-playing, self-directed learning, mentoring and peer review.
  11. Critical evaluation of the effectiveness and use of teaching methods.
  12. Teaching styles.
  13. Assessment and evaluation.
  14. Teaching materials and aids
  15. Learning contract
  16. Teaching environment
  17. Student motivation-a) Method of motivation b) Need of motivation
  18. Multiple intelligence

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