Syllabus (Prosthetics & Orthotics)


Total Lecture: 50 Hrs

Exam time: 2 Hrs.                                                                    

   Total marks: 100

Written: 50

Course work: 30

Sessional: 20


  1. Introduction:
  • Role of Physiotherapist
  • Appropriate technology
  • Features of Orthotic and prosthetic device
  • Prescribing procedure
  1. Wheelchairs:
  • Details about wheel chair
  • The factors considered in their design.
  • Assessing the patient for a wheelchair, using local resources.
  • Wheelchair management, maintenance and adaptations for sport.
  1. Special Seating: (Detail)
  • Cushions, their role in pressure care and overall maintenance.
  • Wheelchair posture and lower limb positions.
  • The use of padding and accessories in correcting abnormalities.
  1. Standing Frames: ((Detail)
  • The different designs for paraplegics and tetraplegics.
  • Assessing for the individual and their home situation.
  • Adaptations for multi-purpose or individual uses.
  1. Braces: (Detail)
  • Indications for use, protocols for time periods etc.
  • Considering pressure areas, growth areas etc. in their design.
  1. Calipers: (Detail)
  • Factors affecting their design and suitability for the individual.
  • How to assess the individual.
  • The use of local resources and maintenance of the brace, including pressure care.
  1. Orthotics: (Detail)
  • Foot bio-mechanics and assessment of abnormalities.
  • Factors considered in the design of corrective footwear.
  • The use of resources and their maintenance.
  • The role of progressive orthotics for correction of abnormalities.
  • Splinting,
  • Plaster
  1. Prosthetics: (Detail)
  • The variety available in Bangladesh.
  • Use of local resources, factors considered in their design and maintenance.
  • Progressive time periods for their usage, considering pressure care

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