Syllabus (Pharmacology-I)



Total Lecture: 100 Hrs                       

Exam Time: 3Hrs:

Total Mark: 150

                                                                                        Written: 100

                                                                           Oral / Practical: 30

                                                                                               Sessional: 20

Course content:

Pharmacology to toxicology –

General Pharmacology, Unwanted effect and adverse drug reaction, Poisoning, Overdose, Antidotes.



  1. History of drugs
  2. Classification of drugs
  3. Administration of drugs
  4. Pharmacodynamics of drugs:
  • Absorption of drugs
  • Excretion of drugs
  • Threshold
  • Indication, contra indication and side effect of the drugs
  • Drug allergy
  • Metabolic fate of drug.
  • Chemical character of drugs



  1. Infections and Inflammation:
  • Antibacterial drugs.
  • Viral, fungal, Protozoal and hemolytic infection.
  • Vasodilator drugs.
  • Vasoconstrictors drugs.
  • Inflammation, Arthritis and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs and the skin.
  • Ant diabetic drug.
  • Detail about antihistamine.




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