Syllabus (Clinical Practice (Spinal cord injury)



Total Practice: 150 Hrs       

       Total Marks: 100

 Clinical practice: 100


      Clinical Teaching:

  • Revision of relevant subjective and objective assessment, ASIA impairment scale and FIM scale.
  • Revision of the definitions of SCI and the expected outcomes according to level & degree of injuries.
  • Aims of treatment, protocols and goal setting.
  • Sitting and standing balance, gait re-education with walking aids.
  • Physiotherapy management in different stages including acute, stabilization stage, stage of rehabilitation and re-integration stage.
  • Physiotherapy management of different problem related to spinal cord injury such as- Pain; Pressure sore, autonomic Dysreflexia, postural Hypotension, Spasticity, bowel bladder incontinence, constipation, and psychological problem.
  •  Wheel chair manuover of spinal cord injuries patients.
  • Revision of the anatomy of the spinal column and the effects of spinal cord injury.

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