Syllabus (Clinical Practice (Orthopedics)



Total Practice: 150 Hrs

        Total Mark: 100

                                                                                    Clinical practice: 100


  • Revision of relevant subjective and objective Assessment
  • Revision of, the definition of fractures, the clinical features of fractures and appropriate physiotherapy during the different stages of healing including cautions and contra-indications.
  • Physiotherapy management (Pre and post operative) of all orthopaedic condition including fractures, diseases, dislocations, deformity, soft tissue injuries, soft tissue transfer, repair and reconstruction.
  • Fractures of the lower limb, upper limb, pelvis and spine.
  • Dislocation of the elbow joint, gleno-humeral joint, acromio-clavicular joint and sterno-clavicular joint.
  • Therapeutic exercise: Isotonic, isometric, passive, active, and resisted.
  • Planning a progressive exercise regime, and a home exercise programme.

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