Syllabus (Clinical Practice (Neurology)



Total Practice: 150 Hrs                                                              

Total Marks: 100

                                                                                                 Clinical practice: 100

Clinical Teaching:

  • Review of the subjective and objective assessment with emphasis on relevance to neurological conditions. The objective assessment should include general and local observations, tone, selective movement, co-ordination, sensation, Proprioception, contractures, alignment and balance in different postural sets and functional ability.
  • Interpretation of investigations in relation to the patients’ symptoms: CT scan, MRI scans.
  • Physiotherapeutic techniques and their practical application, including The Bobath concept, the Rood technique, Motor Relearning programme and PNF. Techniques to decrease or increase tone, facilitation of normal patterns of movement, mobilisation of painful joints, practice of relevant functional tasks, re-education of balance and gait, plus advice and education to patient and carer during treatment and after discharge. Where possible treatment should be related to the activities of daily living and the patients’ social situation, and directed towards self-confidence and independence within the context of Bangladesh.
  • Physiotherapy management of neurological patient’s (Pre & post operatively) in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), acute and chronic stage.

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