Syllabus (Clinical Practice (Musculo-Skeletal)


Total Practice: 150 Hrs                                                            

Total Marks: 100

                                                                                                Clinical practice: 100                                                                                   

Clinical Teaching:

  • Revision of relevant subjective and objective assessment techniques, planning the objective assessment, problem lists, treatment plans and short and long term goals.
  • Revision of joint specific assessment and treatment techniques, both peripheral and spinal.
  • Revision of muscle strengthening and joint mobilisation techniques.
  • Use of exercise equipment in planning treatment programs such as weights, pulleys, and springs.
  • Revision of therapeutic massage techniques with emphasis on the reduction of muscle spasm, swelling and the use of frictions in the management of soft tissue injuries.
  • Revision of the theoretical basis and practical application of spinal traction.
  • Revision of the application and therapeutic use of electrotherapy modalities.

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