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Definition (Stroke): Rapidly developed clinical sign of focal disturbance of cerebral function of presumed vascular origin and of more than 24 hours

Risk factors of stork:

[A] Fixed:

1) Age.
2) Gender(Male>Female,except in the very young and old).
3) Race.
4) Heredity.
5) Previous vascular event.e.g myocardial infraction,stroke.
6) High fibrinogen.

[B] Modifiable:

1) High blood pressure.
2) Heart disease (atrial fibrillation, heart failure,endocarditis)
3) Diabetes mellitus.
4) Hyperlipidaemia.
5) Smoking.
6) Excess alcohol consumption.
7) Polycythaemia.
8) Oral contraceptives.

Secondary complication of stroke:

1) Chest infection.
2) Epileptic seizures.
3) Deep venous thrombosis/Pulmonary embolism.
4) Painful shoulder.
5) Pressure sores.
6) Urinary infection.
7) Constipation.
8) Depression & anxiety.
9) Aspiration pneumonia.
10) Hypoglycemia

Causes of stroke in young patient:

1) Cardiac embolism.
2) Premature aterosclerosis.
3) Thrombophilia.
4) Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome.
5) Systemic lupous erythematosus.
6) Vasculitis.
7) Arteriovenous malformation.
8) Drug misuse: Amphetamine,cocain.

Disease responsible for stroke in 13 years old girl:

1) Cardiac embolism.
2) Premature atherosclerosis.
3) Arterial dissection.
4) Thrombophilia.
5) Homocystinuria.
6) Antiphospolipid antibody syndrome.
7) Systemic lupus erythrmatosus.
8) Vacuities.
9) Mitochondrial cytopathy.
10) Neurovascular syphilis.
11) Primary intracerebral hemorrhage.

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