Standing frame

How standing frame will bring health benefits for a spastic cerebral palsy patient?

Spastic cerebral palsy: Spastic cerebral palsy is the most common type of cerebral palsy. This palsy appears stiff and their movements may look stiff and jerky. Spasticity is a form of hypertonic or increased muscle tone.


Way of standing frames brings a health benefit to a spastic cerebral palsy:

Ø  Weight bearing through healthy bone.

Ø  Facilities a natural symmetrical standing posture.

Ø  Improve motor skill.

Ø  Improve upper body strength.

Ø  Improve upper body balance.

Ø  Improve standing tolerance & endurance.

Ø  Alternative (relive) of pain.

Ø  Helps in skeletal development.

Ø  Improve posture.

Ø  Improve joint flexibility & ROM.

Ø  Prevents muscle wasting.

Ø  Stretches by muscles to prevent tightness.

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