Red cell indices

It is the red cell absolute values.These are:

  1. MCV(Mean corpuscular volume)
  2. MCH(Mean corpuscular Haemoglobin)
  3. MCHC (Mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration)

Absolute values of red cells are used in the morphological classification of anaemias:

[A]MCV: Obtained by divding the packed cell volume (PCV) per litre by red cell count per litre. The results expresse in ft.

Result: If MCV is with in the normal range,than the red blood cells are normocytes. If MCV less 76 the red blood cells are microcytes. If MCV is more than 96,the RBC are  macrocytes.

Red cell indices

[B]MCH: Normal 27-32 pg(Picogram).The resutlt is obtained by divding haemoglobin in gram per by red cell per liter.The result is expressed in pg.

Result: Raised in macrocytic normochromic states.Lowered in hypochromic states due to iron deficiency.

[C]MCHC: Normal 31-35 g/dl.The result is obtained by diving hb in gram per dl by the PCV per liter.

Result: If MCHC is with in the normal range than the red cells are normaochramic. If MCHC is less than 32 g/dl then the red cells are hypochromic.

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