Definition: pH is the negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration of a  salutation to the base 10 where  conc is expressed as mole/L.

pH = – log [H+] = log 1/ [H+]

So there is an inverse relationship between the pH &  concentration. If the  concincreases, pH decrease and vice versa.

Example: Capture

Biomedical importance:

  1. Maintenance of appropriate pH is necessary for homestasis.
  2. Maintenance of ECF between pH 7.35 and 7.45 is essential for health.
  3. Disturbance of acid base balance are diagnosed by measuring the pH of arterial blood and the  content of venous blood.
  4. Blood < 7.35 cause acidosis which include diabetic ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis.
  5. Blood > 7.45 causes alkalosis which includw the vomiting of acidic gastric contents or treatment of certain diuretics.

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