Definition (Mitochondria): These are slender microscopic filaments or rods found in the cytoplasm.

Shape: Rod shaped, filamentous, spherical.

Size: 0.1-0.5 µm in diameter with 10 µm in length.

Structure: They are bounded by the external and internal membranes. The internal membrane projects folds into the interior of the mitochondria. These are called cristae. Thus two spaces are defined:

  • Outer space: Between the two membranes called the intracristal space.
  • Inner space: Within the internal membrane, penetrated by cristae. This space is filled with granular matrix.

Mitochondria 01


  • It is the chief source of energy. So it is called the powerhouse of the cell.
  • It is concerned with the synthesis of RNA and protein because it contains DNA.



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