Hook worm


Name the intestinal nematodes:

[A]Small intestine:

  1. a) Ascaris lumbricoides(Commonly known as round worm).
  2. b) Ankylostoma doudenale.
  3. c) Necator americanus.
  4. d) Strongyloides stercoralis.
  5. e) Trichinella spiralis.

[B]Caecum and Appendix:

  1. a) Enterobius vermicularis(Pin worm).
  2. b) Trichuris trichiura(Whip worm).

Life cycle of hook warm:

[A]Stage-01:Passage of eggs from the infected host through faeces.

[B]Stage-02:Egg→Rhabditi form larva→Moulting of larva for 2 times→Filariform larva.

[C]Stage-03:Entrance of filariform larva into a new host by penetrating the skin.

[D]Stage-04:Filariform larva in the subcutaneous tissue→Migrate to lymphatics or small venules→venous circulation→Rt heart→Pulmonary capillary→Alveolar space→Migration to bronchi→Trachea→Larynx→Crawl over epiglottis→Pharynx→Swallowed into small intestine.During this migration 3rd moulting takes place.

[E]Stage-05:The growing larva settle down into small intestine→4th moulting→Sexual maturation of larva→Adult worm→Female adult worm lays eggs→The cycle is repeated.

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