Head cervical-Thoracic orthosis (HCTO)


Head cervical-Thoracic orthosis (HCTO) E.g. Halo orthosis, Yale brace, SOMI (Sterna occipital mandibular immobilizater), four posture brace


  1. Paralysis with or without fracture of the cervical spine.
  2. Cervical vertebral fracture with dislocation.
  3. Ease of application.
  4. A low complication rate, minimal patient discomfort and early patient mobilization.
  5.  The SOMI is relatively comfortable to wear.
  6. Precise positional control and solid external stabilization of the cervical spine.



  1.    For traumatic or chronic disorders requiring immobilization of the cervical spine.
  2.   Cervical spine trauma or post surgery.
  3.   The Yale orthosis is recommended for postsurgical protection of the middle and lower cervical spine and in select situation of spinal instability.
  4.    Neural arch fractures of  because flexion causes instability

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