Hand infection


Causative organism:

1) Staph. Aureus (80%)
2) Strepto.Pyogenes.
3) Gram negetive bacilli.


[A] Sub-cutaneous:

1) Paronychia acute & chronic.
2) Pulp space infection.
3) Valor space infection:
→Middle valor space.
→Proximal valor space.
4) Web space infection.

[B] Deep:

5) Thenar space infection.
6) Middle palmer space infection.
7) Suppurative tenosynovitis.
8) Nospecific tenosynovitis.
9) Wound infection.
10) Deep palmar abscess.

[C] Miscellaneous:

1) Osteomyelitis.
2) Septic arthitis.
3) Foreign bodies.

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