Definition (Fungus): Fungi are eukaryotic,Supraphytic, parasitic, microbes,unicellular or multicellular that contain chitin in their cell wall and ergosterol & zymosterol in their cell membrane.

Classification of fungus:

[A]Morphological classification:

a) [They from hyphae].

b) [Single cells that bud to reproduce].

c) Yeasts-like.[They from pseudohyphae].

d) Dimorphic fungi.[Fungi having yeast form in tissue at 35-37 c and mould in culture media at 22 c.

[B]Toxonomic classification:

a) Ascomycotina.

b) Basidiomycotina.

c) Zygomycotina.

d) Deuteromycotina.

[C]Reproductioin classification:

a) Imperfect fungi.

b) Perfcet fungi.


a) Superficial mycoses.

b) Cutaneous mycoses.

c) Subcutaneous mycoses.

d) Deep or systemic mycoses.

e) Opportunistic mycoses.

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