Connective tissue cells

Definition (Connective cells): Tissue that connects and binds the cells and organs and ultimately gives support to the body is called connective tissue.

Connective tissue cells:

[A] Fixed cells:

  • Fibroblasts.
  • Adipocytes or Fat cells.
  • Pericytes (Undifferentiated mesenchymal cells)
  • Certain macrophages (e.g Kupffer cells of liver)
  • Pigment cells.


[B] Transient cells: (Free or wandering cells)

  • Mast cells.
  • Macrophages.
  • Plasma cells.
  • Leucocytes-








Definition: This is the most common and numerous cells found in the connective tissue.



  • The fibroblast synthesizes collagen and elastic fibers and glycosaminoglycans of amorphous intercellular substance.
  • They help in healing of wounds by depositing the ground substance.


Definition: These are the phagocyting cells. These are also called histeocytes.



  • They phagocytose and digest the particulate organic material, foreign bodies or microorganism and thereby eliminate from the body.
  • They also contribute to the immunological reactions of the body.
  • They ingest, process and store antigens & pass specific information to neighbouring immunologically component cells, such as lymphocytes and plasma cells.

Mast cells

Definition: Mast cells are large, oval or round connective tissue cells whose cytoplasm is filled with basophilic secretory granules.



  • Mast cells liberate heparin, which is anticoagulant in function.
  • Play an important role in all types of allergic reactions like an anaphylactic shock.

Plasma cells

Plasma cells are large, ovoid cells, present in most connective tissue. Their average lifespan is short 10-20 days.


Functions: Principal functions of plasma cells are- Production of antibodies found in blood streams, which help in defence mechanism.

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