Chondromalacia Patellae


Symptoms/Chief complain (C/C):

  1. The patient is often a girl aged of 15-30 years.
  2. There is aching pain deep in the knee, behind the patella.
  3. Pain aggravated by climbing up or descending stairs, getting up from squatting or chair.
  4. Occasionally locking sensation behind the patella.

Signs/On Examination (O/E):

  1. Tenderness present on deep surface of the patella after displacing it to one side.
  2. A fine crepitaiton is felt upon the patella.
  3. Weakness and wasting of the Quadriceps.
  4. One or Both patellae may be shifted medially.
  5. Compression of the patella against femoral condyle causes pain.

Investigation: X-ray knee joint “Skyline view” shows Erosion of articular cartilage of patella ‘Stripe’ like shadow behind the patella.


  1. SWD.
  2. Strengthening exercises for Quadriceps.
  3. Superio-inferior oscillations applied with compression to the patella.
  4. UST-over the patella.
  5. NSAIDs

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