Morphious→Goddess of dream(Greek mythology) Morphine produce euphoria. Chemical nature:Alkaloid. Pharmacological effects: (1)Central effects: [A]Selective depression of CNS: Analgesia. Hypnotic effect(sleep). Respiartory depression. Cough suppression(anti-tissue effect) Inhibition of VMC. [B]Selective stimulation of CNS: Vagal[…]

Syllabus (Pharmacology II )

 PHARMACOLOGY-II Total Lecture: 100 Hrs Exam time: 3 Hrs.                                                                      Total marks: 150                                                                                                             Written: 100                                                                                                     Oral / Practical: 30                                                                                                                           Sessional: 20 Drugs acting on Central nervous system – anesthesia and neuromuscular block, alcohols,[…]

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