Bence jones protein

Bence jones protein

It is an Ig light chain either kappa or lamda.


  1. Coagulates at temperature between 40-60c.
  2. Disappears at 100c while all other protein stays.

It is found in:

  1. 40% case of multiple myeloma.
  2. Secondary metastatic tumour of bone.

Detection: 5 ml of urine is taken in a test tube and made acidic by adding a few drops of 5% acetic acid and then keep it in a water bath at a temperature between 40-60c. Bence Jones protein is found to coagulate a after 15-20 min of heating.For confirmation raise the temp of water bath upto 100c.If the coagulate disappears then it is sure that the protein is Bence Jones protein.Cloudiness will again reappear as cooling the specimen.

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