Antrax in human


Name the spore bearing organism:

[A]Grame positive bacilli:

  1. a) Clostridium tetani.
  2. b) Clostridium botulinum.
  3. c) Baciflus subtilis.
  4. d) Bacillus anthracis.

[B]Gram negative cocci:Sporosarcina.

[C]Gram negative coccobacilli:Coxiella burnetii.

Spore bearing bacilli→Disease

  1. a) Bacillus anthracis→Anthrax.
  2. b) Bacillus cereus→Food poisoning.
  3. c) Clostridium tetanus→Tetanus.
  4. d) Clostridium botulinum→Botulism.

Pathogenesis of anthrax in human:

Bacillus anthracis invades the host tissue

Production of anthrax toxin

↓   Anthrax toxin has 3 components

-Protective antigen.

↓   -Edema factor.

-Lethal factor.

Protective antigen form spores in the human cell membrane.

Clavage of phosphokinase(that activates mitoge activated protein kinase MAPK signal transduction pathway )By lethal factor.

Inhabits pathway that control the growth of human cell

Inhibition of cell growth.


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