4th Professional (Rehabilitation Medicine) B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination February 2013 held in June 2013


4th Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination February 2013 held in June 2013

Subject: Rehabilitation Medicine (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3 hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any three (03) parts from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01:  a) How will you set up community physiotherapy services?

b) Discuss the role of physiotherapist as a consultant teacher.

c) Discuss the strength & weakness of CBR.

d) Write short notes on: i) Post fracture ii) Contracture

Q: No: 02: a) what is rehabilitation & rehabilitation medicine? Write the role of rehabilitation team members.

b) Discuss impairment, disability & handicap.

c) Write the different between primary & secondary disability with example.

d) Write short notes on: i) Self care activities ii) Wheel chair activities


Q: No: 03: a) Discuss on the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation where patient is bedridden.

b) What is spinal shock? Discuss the rehabilitation of diplegic patient after spinal cord injury.

c) What is CVA? Write the principles of rehabilitation of right sided spastic hemiplegic patient.

d) Write short notes on: i) Prevention of burn ii) Childhood sclerosis.

Q: No: 04: a) Classify the cerebral palsy. Discuss the rehabilitation of Athetoid type of CP.

b) Discuss abnormal child development.

c) What do you mean by urinary incontinence? Write the types & rehabilitation of stress incontinence.

d) Write short notes on: i) Vocational Training ii) Principles of orthotics

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