4th Professional (Rehabilitation Medicine) B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination August 2014


4th Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination August 2014

Subject: Rehabilitation Medicine (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3 hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any three (03) parts from each question

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01: a) Discuss components of CBR Program.

b) Define ADLs. Discuss importance of activities of Daily living.

c) Discuss Rehabilitation of mentally subnormal person’s.

d) Write short notes on: i) Transfer activities ii) Bed activities

Q: No: 02: a) Write Principles of Orthotics Prescription.

b) Discuss the mechanism of normal speech production.

c) Discuss the strength & Weakness of CBR.

d) Write short notes on: i) Handicap ii) Pre-existing prejudice about disability


Q: No: 03: a) Discuss Physiotherapy management of Urinary incontinence.

b) Write abnormal child development.

c) Discuss on contracture, deformity & adhesion.

d) Write short notes on: i) Post fracture crutch walking ii) Complications of spinal cord injury

Q: No: 04: a) Discuss on the stages of cardiac rehabilitation.

b) What is anterior cord syndrome? Discuss the rehabilitation of Brown-sequard syndrome.

c) What do you mean by stroke? Write the principles of rehabilitation of right sided flaccid type of hemiplegic patient.

d) Write short notes on: i) DOMS ii) Varicose vein

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