3rd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination November 2012


3rd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination November 2012

Subject: Physiotherapy in Neurology & Pediatric (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any five questions from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01: (a) Mention the motor characteristics of spastic cerebral palsy.

(b) What is Mixed cerebral palsy?

(c) Write down briefly the PT management of a child with spastic CP.

Q: No: 02: (a) define incomplete and complete injury.

(b) What is Brown sequard syndrome?

(c)Describe briefly the Physiotherapy treatment in Immobilization stage of spinal cord injury.

Q: No: 03: (a) what is congenital malformation?

(b) Mention the most sever type of spina bifida and its clinical features.

(c ) Briefly describe the physiotherapy management of that type of spina Bifida.

Q: No: 04: (a) Classify Peripheral nerve injury.

(b) A patient with foot drop deformity due to common peronal nerve injury As a physiotherapy how you can plan your treatment.

Q: No: 05: (a) What is decompression surgery of the spine?

(b) Define Brachial Neurosis and its clinical features.

(c) Describe briefly the physiotherapy management for Duchene type of Muscular dystropy.

Q: No: 06: Write short notes on: i) Pressure sore ii) Broca’s area iii) Spinal shock


Q: No: 07: (a) what are the risk factors of stroke?

(b) A 55 years old patient has left sided Hemiparesis and impaired gait balance due to Ischemic stroke-As  a physiotherapist briefly describe your aims of goal and treatment plan.

Q: No: 08: (a) Define Multiple Sclerosis.

(b) What are the aims of physiotherapy of a patient of M.S?

(c) Describe management of spastic of M.S?

Q: No: 09: (a) What is motor control?

(b) Describe Physiotherapy management of a patient diagnosed as a case of motor neuron disease.

(c) Briefly point out the clinical features of Erb’s palsy.

Q: No: 10: (a) Define Parkinsonism.

(b) What is Parkinson gait?

(c)Write down the Physiotherapy management of Parkinson disease.

Q: No: 11: (a) What is Cauda equina syndrome?

(b) Mention the clinical features Gullain Barre syndrome.

(c) Describe the physiotherapy management for Gullain Barre syndrome.

Q: No: 12: Write short note on: i) Bell’s palsy ii) Sciatica syndrome iii) Movement disorder

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