3rd Professional (Cardiopulmonary) B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination November 2010


3rd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination November 2010

Subject: Cardiopulmonary (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any two (02) from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q.1:a)Discuss the risk factors of MI.What are the clinical features of acute MI?How can you manage a case of acute MI?

b)Define Bradycardia and Tachy cardia.What are the causes of sinus bradycardia and sinus tachycardia?

c)Short notes: i)Advice to patients with stable angina ii)Activities precipitating angina

Q.2:a)What are the common causes of chset pain?How will you differentiate ishaemic cardiac chest pain from non cardiac chest pain?

b)Define hypertension.What are the causes of hypertension?Dicuss the adverse effects of hypertension on different organs.

c)Short notes: i)Jone’s criteria for diagnosis of Rheumatic fever ii)Plasma cardiac marker

Q.3:a)What are the causes of heart failure?Write down the clinical picture of a failed heart.

b)Name some important congenital heart diseases.What do you mean by ‘mitral stenosis’ and ‘mitral regugitation’?

c)Short notes: i)CPR ii)Cardiac syncope


Q.4:a)Define Bronchiectasis.What are the causes of bronchiectasis?Discuss the role of physiotherapy in the management of bronchiectasis.

b)Define obstructive pulmonary disease.Mention at least four types of obstructive pulmonary disease.How can you manage a sever case of bronchial asthma.

c)Short notes: i)Modified MRC dysponea scale ii)Mantoux test

Q.5:a)What do you mean by interstitial and infitrative lung disease?Give their example.How can you prevent lung disease due to organic and inorganic dust.

b)Define pleural effusion,Haemothorax and Emphyema.Write down the causes of pleural effusion.

c)Short notes: i)Risk factors for the development of COPD ii)Radiological preesention of bronchial carcinoma

Q.6:a)What are the causes of haemoptysis?Discuss the treatment of lung abscess.

b)Classify pneumothorax.Discuss the clinical features and management of pneumothroax.

c)Short notes: i)Anti-TB Chemotherapy ii)Posture dranage for removal of secretion

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