3rd Professional (Cardiopulmonary) B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination February 2013 held in June 2013


3rd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination February 2013 held in June 2013

Subject: Cardiopulmonary (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any two (02) from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q.1: a)What do you mean by IHD?Describe typical chest pain of Angina Pectoris.How will you differential chest pain of ishemic origin from other causes?

b)What includes clinical examination of cardiovascular system?Write the common investigation done for diseases of cardiovascular system?

c)Short notes: i)Diagnosis of AMI ii)Cardiac arrest

Q.2: a)What are the causes of systemic hypertension?What are the grades of systemic hypertension?Write short about non pharmacological management.

b)Name four common congenital heart diseases.What are the componenets of Tetralogy of Fallot?Write short about VSD.

c)Short notes: i)Stethoscope ii)Peripheral Edema

Q.3: a)Define ECG.What are the normal ECG components?Draw and label normal ECG.

b)How to diagnose Rheumatic fever.Write about complication and prevention of Rheumatic fever.

c)Shot notes: i)Heart failure ii)Apex beat


Q.4:a)Clinical features of Bronchial asrhma.Differential Bronchial asthma from COPD.Write about step care of Bronchial asthma.

b)What are the pathogenesis and pathology of bronchiectasis?Write short about management of bronchicetasis.

c)Short notes: i)Spirometry ii)COPD

Q.5:a)Clinical features of pulmonary tuberculosis.What investigations are commonly done to diagnose pulmonary tuberculosis?

b)What is pleural effusion?How can you diagnose a case of pleural effusion?What are the common causes?

c)Short notes: i)Hemoptysis ii)BCG vaccination

Q.6:a)What is lung abscess?How will you diagnose and manage lung absess.

b)Physical examination of chest for respiratory system.Write physical findings in pneumothrax.

c)Short notes: i)Bronchial carcinoma ii)X-ray chest P/A view.

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