2nd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination August held in November 2012


2nd Professional B.Sc in Physiotherapy Examination August held in November 2012

Subject: Anatomy-II (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any three parts from each question

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01: a) What is C.S.F? How C.S.F is formed? How C.S.F is circulation?

b) How spinal nerve is formed? Name the cranial nerves with their types in order. Which of them carry parasympathetic neucli?

c) Define fertilization. What are the events that occure in second week of development.

d) Write short notes on: i) Implantation ii) Spermatogenesis

Q: No: 02: a) What is cycle? Give in tabulated form the difference between mitotic & meiotic cell division.

b) Name the connective tissue cells. Define artery and vein. Write down the difference between aretry and vein.

c) Draw and label internal female genital organ. Name the ligament that support uterus.

d) Write short notes on: i) Gall bladder ii) Liver


Q: No: 03: a) Describe right ventricle with disgram.

b) Give the difference between small and large intestine.

c) Draw and label nephron. Give the function of kidney.

d) Define bronchopulmonary segment. Draw and label bronchopulmonary segment of left lung.

Q: No: 04: a) What are the hormone produced by posterior pituitary gland? What do you mean by brain stem?

b) How stomach bed is formed? What is Islet’s of langerhans? Give the blood supply of pancreas.

c) Define foetal membrane and name the different foetal membraene. Write about the parts and function of placenta.

d) Write short notes on: i) Diaphragm ii) Umblical cord

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