1st Professional B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of February 2014


1st Professional B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of February 2014

Subject: Therapeutic Exercise-I (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any five questions from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q1: a) Define Fundamental and Derived position 02
b) List the position derived from standing by alternative of arm. 04
c) Name the position derived from lying 04
Q2: a) Define movement. Classify movement. 04
b) List 3 causes of limitation of passive movement 03
c) Write down the important of resistance movement. 03
Q3: a) Why therapeutic exercise is contraindicated in acute inflammation? 03
b) List 3 values of therapeutic exercise in case of respiratory diseases. 03
c) What are the general aims of therapeutic exercise? 04
Q4: a) Define Goniometer. 02
b) Write down the principle applications of a Goniometer. 04
c) How would you measure redial deviation of right wrist joint? 04
Q5: a) Explain OXFORD muscle scale grade. 05
b) How would you improve OXFORD grade from I to III providing therapeutic exercise? 05
Q: 06 Write short notes on: i) Active assisted movement ii) Accessory movement 05+05


Q7:a) Define Therapeutic massage. 02
b) List indications and contraindications of Therapeutic massage. 04
c) How therapeutic massage helps to reduce muscle spasm? 04
Q8: a) Define suspension exercise. 02
b) What are the values of suspension exercise? 04
c) What is vertical fixation and axial fixation? 04
Q9: a) Define Relaxation 02
b) Classify relaxation 05
c) Write the differences between hold relax and contract relax. 03
Q10: a) Define motor learning. 02
b) What are the difference between fine motor and gross motor skills? 04
c) Write down the steps of motor control. 04
Q11: a) List the passive movements of shoulder joint. 03
b) How therapeutic exercise helps to reduce pain? 04
c) Why manual muscle testing is important? 03
Q: 12 Write short notes on: i) Therapeutic Gymnasium ii) Neuromuscular in coordination 05+05

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