1st Professional B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of July 2009


1st Professional B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of July 2009

Subject: Therapeutic Exercise-I (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any three parts from each question

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01: a) Write the differences between therapeutic exercise and exercise.

b) Define fundamental and derived position. Mention the purpose of derived position.

c) List four derived position of standing posture.

d) Write down the OXFORD muscle grading scale.

Q: No: 02: a) Define the static, concentric and eccentric muscle work.

b) Write the different between active movement and passive movement.

c) Define and classify movement with mentioning the therapeutic value of each movement.

d) Write short notes on: i) Crook lying with pelvis lifted (bridging) ii) Goniometer


Q: No: 03: a) Define suspension. Explain the type of fixation of suspension. Write the value of using suspension therapy.

b) Write down the general principle and indication of relaxation.

c) Describe motor learning. Explain about fine motor and gross motor skill.

d) What is massage? Describe the indication and principle of therapeutic friction massage.

Q: No: 04: a) Explain why manual muscle examination is important?

b) Define outer range, inner range and middle range of muscle.

c) Write down the general effects, use of resisted exercise.

d) Write short notes on: i) Neonatal reflex ii) Therapeutic gymnasium

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