1st Professional (Anatomy-I) B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of August 2014

University of Dhaka

1st Professional B.Sc in physiotherapy Examination of August 2014

Subject: Anatomy-I (New Curriculum)

Full marks: 100 Time: 3hours

Use separate answer script for each group

Answer any three parts from each group

All questions carry equal marks


Q: No: 01: a) Classify connective tissue with example.

b) Draw & label lumber plexus.

c) Classify joints with example. Give the difference between primary cartilaginous joints & secondary cartilaginous joints.

d) Short notes on: (i) Arch of the foot (ii) Temperomendibular joint (TMG)

Q: No: 02: a) Name the muscles of the according to different compartment. Give their action and nerve supply.

b) Define inter costal nerve. Draw and label typical intercostal nerve. Name the contents of inter costal groove.

c) Define bone. Give the morphological classification of bone with example.

d) Short notes on: i) Anatomical snuff box ii) Carotid triangle


Q: No: 03: a) Define cell. Name the membranous organali. Mention the function of mitchondria.

b) Give the oroigin, insertion, action and nerve supply of Biceps briche.

c) Give the venous drainage of face. What do you mean by dangerous area of face?

d) Short notes on: i) Palmar aponeurosis ii) Hip joint

Q: No: 04: a) Define inguinal canal. What are the structure passing through the canal.

b) Give the boundary & content of popliteal fossa.

c) What are the types of muscle tissue. Write differences between skeletal & Cardiac muscle.

d) Short notes on : i) Muscle of mastication ii) Pariosteam

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